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Data Analytics Course for beginners

Python for Data Science

Take your first step towards a data-driven future!




Life Time Access

About the Course

Course Support: Unlimited Lifetime Access
Videos: 40 videos
Course Material: 35 plus downloadable materials
Projects: 5 projects
System requirement: Win 7/Mac/Linux
Access:  Mobile/PC/Laptop/Tablet
Background: Any

Course Curriculum


Who can take up this Course ?

Any graduate coming from any educational background without prior programming experience can take up this course.


What does it take to learn this course ?

Pure Basics in Mathematics and your time, dedication and discipline.

What will be the benefit of learning this course ?

This Course will equip you with the strong foundational programming skills required to make sense of data.

 Who should take up this Course ?

Any individual who wishes to make a career in the field of data Science/ML/AI should take this course in order to stay ahead of Competition.

What type of Course is this?

This is basically a foundation course before entering Masters in Data Science or Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

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