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Applied Analytics Course

Ensure your journey towards becoming a Data Analysis Expert by Enrolling to our Advanced Analytics Course.




1 Year Access

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About the Course

Course Access Duration: 1 year
Course Support: Daily Support
Videos: 90+ videos
Course Material: 100 plus downloadable materials
Projects: 5 projects Assignments guided by a mentor (Equal to an internship).
System requirement: Win 7/Mac/Linux
Access:  Mobile/PC/Laptop/Tablet
Certificate: Certificate will be shared at the end of successful completion of the Assignments.

Course Curriculum

Modules Covered

Data Analytics Online Course


How will this course help you ?

This course will help you in getting an entry level  job such as a Data Analyst , Junior Data Scientist , Sports Analyst, Business Analyst, Research Analyst  and many more, which will pay you a 6 digit Salary in Top MNC's around the world.

What is the advantage of taking up this course ?

At the end of this course you will not just be ready for a data science role, but also be strongly equipped to make a smooth transition into the field of Machine Learning and  Artificial Intelligence.Because the base of every Machine Learning model is a strong data analytical skill.

What will this course equip you with?

This course will equip you with strong analytical skills required to Read ,Write, Process, Statistically Analyze, Visualize and draw meaningful inferences out of any dateset using Python programming language.Overall this course will give you a great beginning and a strong foundation in the field of Data Analytics.

How does this course distinguish itself from others ?

Majority of the courses or books in Data Science are prepared by software programmers without experience in data science, but this course is prepared by professionals having work experience in the field of Analytics. This is an in-depth course and hence a lot of thinking, research and intelligence has gone behind preparation of every single video. By learning from this course your need for coding during data analysis will get cut down by 30% and thus reducing your cognitive load and hence adding to your efficiency at work which will make you stand out among your peers.

Will this course help you to get a job in any vertical ?

Yes, since every vertical is into data science and since data science is a globally in demand job , at the end of this course you will be eligible to apply for every data science role .

What is the unique feature of this Course??

Human Concentration span is around 30 mins and therefore we have made sure that the average duration of every video is between 20-30 mins. Almost every topic in this course is covered between 20-30 mins.

Will you be getting placement assistance from us ??

We are not into placements but we do keep track of the students performance in the course and guide our students towards companies who approach us.

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